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Outstanding ProductAV-Comparatives February 2019

“Outstanding Product 2018”


Best PerformanceInternet Security
Best ProtectionInternet Security
Best RepairInternet Security


Best ProtectionInternet Security 2018
Best PerformanceInternet Security 2018
Best RepairInternet Security 2018
Best Android SecurityMobile Security
Editor’s ChoicePC Mag, July 2018

“Total Security Indeed”


Editor’s ChoicePC Mag, July 2018

“Outstanding scores in independent lab tests and our web protection tests”


Editor’s ChoicePC Mag, July 2018

“It’s an Editors’ Choice security suite”


PC Mag



Android ProtectionMobile Security
macOS ProtectionAntivirus for Mac


Product of the YearInternet Security 2018

“The highest level of effectiveness”


Editor’s ChoiceTotal Security 2018

“Bitdefender Total Security is exactly what you need.”


Editor’s ChoiceInternet Security 2018

“Bitdefender earned a new high score”


Editor’s ChoiceAntivirus Plus 2018

“a wealth of security features that almost qualify it as a security suite. It’s a winner”


Editor’s ChoiceAntivirus for Mac

“Excellent Malware Protection Scores”



Outstanding ProductInternet Security 2017

“Bitdefender is an Outstanding Product this year, with joint highest scores overall.”


Editor’s ChoiceTotal Security Multi-Device 2017

“offers a cornucopia of security features for Windows, with plenty of bonus features”


PC Advisor Recommended, 4.5/5 StarsTotal Security Multi-Device 2017

“comprehensive security package”


Editor’s ChoiceInternet Security 2017

“strong, silent Firewall”


Editor’s ChoiceAntivirus Plus 2017

“it takes care of business without hassling you”


Best PerformanceInternet Security 2015 & 2016

“With the security solution Bitdefender Internet Security, private users are getting a highly-secure product, which hardly slows down PC resources at all in its daily routines.”


Editor’s ChoiceAntivirus Plus 2016

“Very light system-performance impact”



Top Rated ProductInternet Security 2017

“Bitdefender is a Top Rated Product this year, with joint highest scores overall.”


Excellent, 9/10 starsInternet Security 2016

“a very effective malware killer” / “minimum performance impact”


Editor’s ChoiceTotal Security 2016

“excellent scores” / “our Editors’ Choice for security mega-suite” / “detection rate came in 2 percent better than Norton’s”


Editor’s ChoiceInternet Security 2016

“Bitdefender is the only one with a detection rate even better than Norton’s.” / “everything you’d want in a suite, and more”


Editor’s ChoiceAntivirus Plus 2016

“an impressive performance”

Product of the YearBitdefender 2014, 2015 lines

“consistent and unbeaten”


ReviewBitdefender 2015

“caught everything – 100%”


Excellent, 4/5 starsInternet Security 2015

“excellent protection with a minimum of fuss”


Editor’s ChoiceTotal Security 2015

“Bitdefender focuses on taking care of business without hassling or confusing the user.”


Editor’s ChoiceInternet Security 2015

Bitdefender has you covered


Editor’s ChoiceAntivirus Plus 2015

“This feature-rich tool remains an antivirus Editors’ Choice”


Best Antivirus 2014Bitdefender Antivirus Plus 2015

The “Plus” in Bitdefender Antivirus Plus 2015 refers to an impressive collection of bonus features that many vendors would reserve for their full security suite.


Gold for Proactive Malware
Protection 2013
Bitdefender Product Line

“outstanding at neutralizing new threats.”


Best Protection / Best PerformanceInternet Security

“leaves your device spotless.”




Editor’s Choice 5 Time Winner / Editor’s Choice 4 Years in a Row / 10 Time WinnerAntivirus Free Edition

“Extremely unobtrusive.”


Editor’s Choice 5 Time Winner / Editor’s Choice 4 Years in a Row / 10 Time WinnerTotal Security

“It’s a winner.”

Editor’s Choice 5 Time Winner / Editor’s Choice 4 Years in a Row / 10 Time WinnerInternet Security

“An impressive parental control system to manage the websites traffic, instant messaging, and enhanced Facebook tracking”


Editor’s Choice 5 Time Winner / Editor’s Choice 4 Years in a Row / 10 Time WinnerAntivirus Plus

“Bitdefender is among the very few products that beat Norton”


Advanced+ in Real World Protection TestInternet Security 2013

“The results of our testing on Bitdefender were truly impressive – a score of 100% is the best you can reach.”


12th VB 100 in 2 yearsAntivirus Plus 2013

“Bitdefender, not far short of perfect.”

Best Repair 2012Internet Security 2013

“When your computer is infected, Bitdefender is the one to go to.”


Product of the YearBitdefender 2013 Product line

“Bitdefender software is powerful stuff. It clearly deserves this award.”




Excellent, 4/5 stars/span>Total Security 2013

“Bitdefender Total Security 2013 includes just about every imaginable security feature,

and then some.”

Excellent, 4/5 starsInternet Security 2013

“Just how much security protection do users want? [..]”


Editor’s ChoiceAntivirus Plus 2013

“Bitdefender’s antivirus technology gets stellar ratings from the independent testing labs.”


Editor’s ChoiceTotal Security 2012

“In the paid suite category, we decided on Bitdefender Total Security 2012 for its top-rated security, its low impact on your computer’s performance, and its excellent range of features.”


CertificationInternet Security 2012

“Bitdefender performed exceedingly well in testing throughout the past year on its 2012 product line.”


Best Protection 2011Internet Security 2012

“Bitdefender repeatedly impressed us throughout 2011.”


VB100Antivirus Plus 2012

“Resource use was extremely low, almost imperceptible in terms of CPU use, and our set of tasks blasted through in splendid time.”