What is Bitdefender Security for Exchange?

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 Bitdefender Security for Exchange


First of all, note that we provide Security for Exchange using our Bitdefender BEST Agent, which has the Exchange module integrated in it. Because of this, we protect both the Exchange Server as well as the Exchange functionality with one agent. BEST, also known as Bitdefender Endpoint Security Tools, is a security agent that needs to be deployed onto the Exchange Server, in order to activate the Exchange Protection feature.


For Exchange Protection, we provide AntiMalware, AntiSpam, Content filtering and Attachment filtering. All these functionalities are configurable in the Bitdefender policy assigned to the Bitdefender Agent installed on the Exchange Server.


What types of Exchange Servers do we protect? Exchange Servers that are based on Microsoft Windows Exchange, and have the Edge role and Mailbox role:


·        Transport Role (requires an Exchange Server with the Edge Transport role) – consists of the antimalware, antispam, content control, attachment filtering features with a means to perform filtering on email traffic based on the predefined rules set by the administrator in the security policy of the GravityZone console


·        Exchange Store Role (requires an Exchange Server with the Mailbox role) – consists of the antimalware feature, with a means to perform on-demand scanning for mailboxes and public folders (this means that only the antimalware feature is available for this role)


The GravityZone products that include Exchange Protection are as follows: GravityZone Advanced Business Security, Elite Security, Ultra Security and Enterprise Security (Security for Exchange).