How do I turn off BitDefender Real Time Protection?

Bitdefender Shield, the real-time protection feature included in our security software, provides continuous protection against a wide range of malware threats by scanning all accessed files and e-mail messages.

The default real-time protection settings ensure good protection against malware, with minor impact on system performance. Bitdefender will, for example, scan a word document for known threats when you open it, and an e-mail message when you receive one.

1. Open the main Bitdefender interface.

2. Go to the Protection window.

3. Click on the Settings button in the ANTIVIRUS module.

4. Select SHOW ADVANCED SETTINGS. Here, you will find the following options:

Scan only applications

You can set Bitdefender to scan all accessed files or applications (program files) only.

Scan network shares

By default, both local folders and network shares are subject to on-access scanning. For better system performance, you can exclude network locations from on-access scanning.

Scan inside archives

Scanning inside archives is a slow and resource-intensive process, which is therefore not recommended for real-time protection. If you decide on using this option, turn it on, and then drag the slider along the scale to set a maximum accepted size limit (in MB) of archives to be scanned on-access.

Scan e-mails

To prevent malware from being downloaded to your computer, Bitdefender automatically scans incoming and outgoing e-mails.

Scan boot sectors

You can set Bitdefender to scan the boot sectors of your hard disk.

Scan only new and changed files

By scanning only new and changed files, you may greatly improve overall system responsiveness with a minimum trade-off in security.

Scan for keyloggers

Select this option to scan your system for keylogger applications.

Early boot scan

Select this option to scan your system at startup as soon as all its critical services are loaded.

Action after the scan is completed

Choose what happens after a scan. You have three options: Take proper actionsMove files to quarantine, and Deny access.

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