How do I stop BitDefender from automatically updating?

Bring up the Bitdefender interface and access:

Click on Settings

Click on Update

Bitdefender Setting's Update Screen
Bitdefender Setting’s Update Screen

Uncheck Update Automatically

Disable Update for a Period of Time
Disable Update for a Period of Time

Select 5 minutes or until System Restart and Click on the OK button.

3 thoughts

  1. This does not stop BitDefender from automatically updating, at least for a few minutes or until the system restarts. What a ridiculous answer. When people ask a question like this, they expect a reliable solution.

  2. How can I permanently disable Bitdefender from checking updates? I want to manually update it every time rather than it telling me to do it. Until system restart is the final option for me for now, but I need auto update to be disabled permanently.

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