Managing Removable Media Bitdefender Scan

To manage automatic scan of removable media, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Bitdefender window.
  2. Click the Protection button on the left toolbar.
  3. Click Settings under Antivirus on the right-side menu and then the Drives and Devices tab.
  4. In theĀ Scan flash drive section, click the switches to turn on or off automatic scan.




Bitdefender Antivirus Settings
Bitdefender Antivirus Settings
Bitdefender Removal Drives AutoScan
Bitdefender Removal Drives AutoScan

For best protection, it is recommended to turn on automatic scan for all types of removable storage devices.

The scanning options are pre-configured for the best detection results. If infected files are detected, Bitdefender will try to disinfect them (remove the malware code) or to move them to quarantine. If both actions fail, the Antivirus Scan wizard will allow you to specify other actions to be taken on infected files. The scanning options are standard and you cannot change them.

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