Bitdefender protection in the Web Browser

Bitdefender Anti-Tracker: improving your online privacy

Trackers help websites collect info about your online behavior for various purposes, such as displaying more relevant ads or sharing with other companies. In certain cases, however, trackers might cause slowdowns and affect your system performance.

Our new Bitdefender Anti-tracker extension is designed to increase your online privacy and reduce the time needed for websites to load, by hiding your activity from trackers. The extension is available for the following browsers:

• Google Chrome

• Mozilla Firefox

• Internet Explorer

• Safari

The trackers detected by our extension can be grouped in the following five categories:

• Advertising – used to analyze website traffic, user behavior or visitors’ traffic patterns.

• Customer Interaction – used to measure user interaction with different input forms such as chat or support.

• Essential – used to monitor critical webpage functionalities.

• Site Analytics – used to gather data regarding webpage usage.

 Social Media – used to monitor social audience, activity and user engagement with different social media platforms.

While the Bitdefender Anti-tracker extension is active, its icon is displayed next to the search bar in your web browser. Every time you visit a website, a counter can be noticed on the icon, indicating detected and blocked trackers.

You can view more details about the blocked trackers by clicking the icon. Besides the number of the trackers blocked, you can view the time required for the page to load and the categories to which the detected trackers belong.

To allow trackers from a specific category to monitor your activity, click the desired activity, and then click the corresponding button. If you change your mind, click the same button once again.

To allow trackers on the website you are currently visiting, click Pause protection on this website. This setting applies only as long you have the website open and will be reverted to the initial state when you close the website.

You can disable Bitdefender Anti-tracker from your web browser, or from the Bitdefender interface:

• From your web browser

• Open your web browser.

• Click the anti-tracker 1 icon next to the address bar in your web browser.

• Click the  icon in the upper-right corner.

• Use the corresponding switch to turn off. The Bitdefender icon turns grey.

• From the Bitdefender interface

• Click Privacy on the navigation menu on the Bitdefender interface.

• In the Anti-tracker pane, click Settings.

• Next to the web browser for which you want to disable the extension, turn off the corresponding switch.

If want to allow trackers while visiting a particular website, you can add an exception by following these instructions:

1. Open your web browser.

2. Click the anti-tracker 1 icon next to the search bar.

3. Click the settings 1 icon in the upper-right corner.

4. If you are on the website you want to add to exceptions, click Add current website to the list.

If you would like to add another website, type its address in the corresponding field, and then click .

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